Terms and Conditions

  1. You are the legal occupant of the property at which the pet, or pets is/are currently living, and the owner of the pet, or pets being looked after by Pats 4 Paws - as appearing on the booking form.
  2. You have made Pats 4 Paws aware of the pet, or pets' likes and dislikes, behavioural problems, health and medical information so that Pats 4 Paws are able to provide a high standard of care matching that of any responsible pet owner.
  3. You have provided Pats 4 Paws with appropriate keys, access information, vet contact details and emergency contact details for every Pats 4 Paws booking.
  4. You accept that Pats 4 Paws will not be held responsible for any property damage that may occur due to any stress your pet feels because of your absence.
  5. You hereby authorize Pats 4 Paws to recieve and act upon any veterinary advice or treatment (from your specified vet or, an alternative vet if your specified vet is not available) at your expense if deemed necessary by Pats 4 Paws.
  6. You hereby authorize Pats 4 Paws entry to your property for the purposes specified in this contract (such as watering the garden, checking the mail, attending to your pet, or pets). Where access is not possible, Pats 4 Paws will employ the services of a Locksmith in order to ensure the wellbeing of your pet or pets, at your expense.
  7. You agree that Pats 4 Paws cannot be deemed responsible for the security of your premises while you are away, or for any loss or damage resulting from inadequate, breached or failed security.
  8. You acknowledge that Pats 4 Paws reserves the right to decline your booking, or withdraw its service (at any stage), if in the opinion of Pats 4 Paws, circumstances exist which may cause a safety risk to Pats 4 Paws Carers. If services are withdrawn after commencement, you acknowledge that 
    once either you or your nominated emergency contact are notifed, and the refund of any unexpended monies paid, responsibility for the care of your pet and or pets reverts to you or your nominated (non veterinary) emergency contact.
  9. You acknowledge that these conditions are subject to change and that you have read and accepted the current and updated terms and conditions which appear on your booking form.
  10. You acknowledge that a change in Pats 4 Paws Carer may occur without notice and is done so at the discretion of Pats 4 Paws management.
  11. You acknowledge that Pats 4 Paws are not responsible for any injury to any animal (including your pet/s) or person or damage to property during the time or arising out of the time that Pats 4 Paws cared for your pet or pets.


You accept responsibility for and fully indemnify Pats 4 Paws and its carers any claim whatsoever arising from or in relation to the above, and testify to the accuracy and sufficiency of information provided by you on the booking confirmation.