We offer a range of in home services

Pet Minding

Pats 4 Paws will visit your home once or twice a day to attend to the needs of your pet/s. This not only involves feeding your animals and cleaning any litter trays, or little accidents, but also comforting them by playing with them, talking to them and patting them. If there is a particular game your pet enjoys, please explain it to us and we can make sure we include it as a part of every visit. The Standard visit will last a minimum of 20 minutes, and the Double visit will include two 20 minute visits, one in the morning and one in the evening. We say a 20 minute minimum as we increase the length of our stay in order to properly care for and pay attention to all of your pets. So, the more pets you have the longer our stay will be.


Included in the Standard and Double visits is our bin service where we will put your bins out and take them back in once the garbage or green waste has been collected.


Our Standard and Double visits also includes collecting your mail, and put it in a safe place for you to open when you return.

Garden Watering

Our Standard and Double visits also include light watering. Many people love their garden almost as much as their pets! If extra watering is required we can water for up to 30 minutes for a small fee on top of the usual 20 minute visit

Dog Walking

Dog loves walkies? Well, we can include this too. We can walk your dog for 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes on top of the 20 minute Standard or Double visit.


If you wish we can SMS you with updates on the welfare of your pets every day to reassure you that things are going well.