Fees and Payment

Standard visit:
1 visit per day - minimum time spent 20 minutes for 1 dog, cat or other animal (includes bins, mail and light watering)
Double visit:
2 visits per day - minimum time spent 20 minutes for 1 dog, cat or other animal (includes bins, mail and light watering)
Additional animals* 
$5 each
WALKIES (time in addition to pet minding time)  
Walkies 1 dog - 20 minutes
Walkies 1 dog - 30 minutes
Walkies 1 dog - 45 minutes
Walkies 1 dog - 1 hour
Walkies - additional dogs
$5 each
WATERING (time in addition to pet minding time)  
Bucket or hose - 10 minute blocks
Public holiday surcharge
$15 per visit
Travel charges for longer distances  
Prices effective as of 01/01/2011. All prices are GST inclusive.


PLEASE NOTE: The minimum time spent during any visit will be 20 minutes, but we will increase the length of our stay in order to properly care for and pay attention to all of your pets. For example, if you have 3 cats and 2 dogs each visit will be longer than 20 minutes. This is why we charge for additional animals, so we can stay longer and give them all the individual attention they need.

Each day as required we will; collect your mail, take your bins in/out, do some light watering of the veggie patch, as well as feed your pet/s, clean up any inside messes, change their litter, poop scoop, refresh their water, play with them, groom them, talk to them and make them feel loved.

*Additional animals note: Multiple fish and birds will either be considered equivalent to the price of one cat or dog if you do not have any other animals, or if you have other animals as well, the $5 additional animals fee will apply to them as a group. This is so that people with a whole tank full of fish or a bird avery are not unfairly disadvantaged.

Please EMAIL US if you would like a quote.

What if something goes wrong?

If your pet is injured or becomes sick while you are away we will first contact you and seek your advice. If we cannot contact you, we will contact your specificed emergency person. If a trip to the vet is required, we will take them to the vet specified by you during our initial consultation. If you have not specified a vet we will take the animal to the closest available.