About Us

Pats 4 Paws began in 2009 based on our personal need to have our pets looked after at home rather than boarding them somewhere unfamiliar. Thinking that there must be other like-minded pet lovers out there craving the same kind service, and other pets who would be distraught to be boarded, we started Pats 4 Paws.

Lyn - Based in the North East, servicing all areas (business owner).

Janis - Based in Surrey Downs, exclusively servicing from Modbury to Greenwith.

Lesley - Based in the Southern suburb of Sturt.

At Pats 4 Paws we are all pet owners and have much experience with animals of all shapes and sizes from moggies, mutts, mice, fish, birds and turtles. Whether it's pure bred, a brilliant blend, covered in fur, fins or feathers we have a soft spot for it. So, if you're like us and feel guilty about sending them away to be looked after, CONTACT US so that you don't have to.