Looking for in home pet care?

We'll care for your animals while you're away

Pats 4 Paws is a pet minding service in Adelaide which will look after your beloved furkidz while you are away. We understand that being separated from your pets can cause much distress (and not just for them!). With Pats 4 Paws you can have peace of mind knowing your pets are in the safety of their own home. Why feel guilty about putting them in a boarding kennel or cattery? Pats 4 Paws will come to your house once or twice a day to check on your animals, feed them, play with them or even take them for walkies.

If you wish we can also tend to your garden, bring in the mail and even take the bins out.

Pats 4 Paws is FULLY INSURED and have NATIONAL POLICE CLEARANCES for added security, and peace of mind.

Please check SERVICES WE OFFER for further details.


  • Personalised customer service
  • Police checked with public liability insurance
  • No transportation worries - your pet stays put
  • No cages - your pet is likely to be happier in his/her own environment
  • No risk of exposure to fleas, flues or other illnesses
  • No need to update vaccinations before you go away
  • Your pet gets individualised attention
  • Ideal for the older pet, indoor only pets, pets not keen to socialise, and those who need lots of love
  • We can walk your dog
  • We can open/close blinds and turn lights on/off to make your home looked lived in for extra security
  • We take care of the little things - mail, bins and watering, so you can just sit back and relax.